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Lemyethna Pagoda - Mrauk U

Lemyethna with Mahabodhi in the background

The Lemyethna "Four-sided" pagodas also said to have been built by King Meng Saw Mun. Square in plan, it has four projecting vaulted entrances, one to each cardinal point, with the main entrance at the east. This too recalls the architecture of late Bagan: a temple in the enclosure of the Lemyethna monastic complex there has a similar cruciform plan, and four Buddhas seated back to back where the Mrauk U Lemyethna has eight seated on thrones around an octagonal central column. Opposite these are twenty niches which originally held Buddha images, bringing the total number to twenty eight. The number twenty eight signifies the Buddhist belief, often illustrated at Bagan, that twenty eight successive Buddhas have appeared over the successive cycles of time to guide mankind.

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