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Bagan Museum

Bagan Museum, to the west of Thatbyinnyu and near the Gawdawpalin, was built in 1979 and preserves many of the images and treasures exposed or damaged during the 1975 earthquake. In the main gallery is the "Myanmar Rosetta Stone", dating from AD 1113, which is inscribed in Pyu, Mon, Pali and Myanmar (Burmese) allowing scholars to decode the Pyu script for the first time. It is also known as the Myazedi Pillar and was found at the pagoda of the same name, next to the Gubyaukgyi temple in 1917 by the German superintendent of archaeology in Bagan.

One of the most interesting exhibits is a bronze lotus bud which opens up to reveal a tiny stupa with delicately carved figures of the Buddha at its base. Bagan was also famous for its dolomite carvings on display in the main room.