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Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Image

This pagoda is about the height of a five storey building and the Koehtatgyi Buddha is the highest, about nine storey high. The Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Image in Yangon is unique and the most popular one as it one of the pagodas where one will see Buddha not in his usual sitting posture, but at a reclining state. The Pagoda was first built in the year 1907 but was replaced in the year 1966. The statue was established by Sir Hpo Thar. It went through a series of damages due to the climatic conditions. Therefore it was one of the reasons, why the pagoda was demolished in 1957 and was rebuilt in the year 1966. The actual measurement of the pagoda is about 65 meters and inside it there is an iron structure with corrugated sheets of Iron forming the roof made of six layers.

Generally the Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Image in Yangon is referred to as the six tiered pagodas. Another unique part of the Chaukhtatgyi Reclining Image in Yangon is that, the entire construction cost was borne by the people of the city. They all donated willingly for this noble cause. There is another image of the Reclining Buddha at Shwe Thar Hlyaung Pagoda in Bago, but this image is larger than that.

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