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Monks Procession in Hsipaw
Ruined Stupas in Hsipaw

This dreamy little town is situated on the legendary Burma Road, which the British built in 1940 at terrible financial and human cost in order to create a trade route between India and China. There are still remains of it that one can travel along between Thibaw (Hsipaw) and the Chinese border.

Along the Railroad - Hsipaw

The town itself was built in 423 BC, and from 1636 onwards was the seat of a saopha. The surrounding of Hsipaw are very picturesque - a direct invitation for long excursions out into the country. Green fields of rice undulate gently in the morning breeze as the farmers take their oxen to the harvest. This silence is broken only by the splashing of a stream or the whirring of cicadas.

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the tourist centers, Hsipaw or Thibaw is the place to go. There are excursions to the hot springs and to a waterfall, and a few hours away is the Palaung village of Namshan, which was quite recently opened up for foreigners and is famous for its local tea.

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