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The forbidding Dukekanthein ("Cross-Beam Ordination Hall", referring to the lintel over the entrance) is dark and myesterious. Said to have been built in 1571 by King Meng Phalaung, it stands alone on a hill opposite the Shitthaung. Apsidal in plan, it is surmounted by a central stupa surrounded by four smaller corner stupas each crowned with a distinctive mushroom-shaped Hti (umbrella). The main image, placed on a high altar, is stone of the usual Mrauk U type. Dr Forchhammer suggested that like the Shitthaung, the Dukekanthein (Htukanthein) could have been used as a fortress or place of refuge in time of war.

Central Image - Dukekanthein
Door Guardians - inside Dukekanthein

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