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This little town on the Ayeyarwady sees very few tourists, and yet it has quite a lot to offer. Those who do spend a little time here enthuse over the breathtaking landscapes that they encounter on their wanderings.

Bhamo is a trading center which for many years was an important meeting-point on the way to and from China. Some distance from Bhamo once ruled his princedom from here. Sanpanago was already known to Europeans as a trading center as long ago as the 15th century, and today the town still lives on its trade with China and on the sale of rubies. A few years ago, the inner city was destroyed by fire and had to be completely rebuilt.

In Bhamo itself there a few churches worth seeing, of which perhaps the most interesting is the American Baptist church St patrick's, with its facade of round pebbles. The best way of getting to know the town and its surroundings is by bicycle. Until quite recently, foreigners were only allowed to go a few kilometers beyond the boundaries of Bhamo, but restrictions have now been lifted. You can cycle with or without a guide along fields of swaying rice, past stagnant pools to the ruins of the Shan palace, or to one of the outlying villages.

For attractive landscapes, take a boat ride along the Ayeyarwady from Myitkyina to Bhamo and from there to Katha in Sagaing Division. You will sail for several hours through steep rocky gorges and past dense jungle, and by the time you arrive, you will have enjoyed all the splendours of the Kachin landscape.